Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The PROOF COPY of "In Our Own Eyes"


I am sooo Fucking Happy, It feels like my god damn birthday! What happened? Well, I just got one of my Proofs in the mail, as to what my book will look like. Yep, "In Our Own Eyes" Is going to be Ah-MaY-sInG. Not that the power of taking isn't going to be a nice piece of golden shit too, but yeah I'm hoping I get some sort of weird Cult Following!!!! Actually I'm sure that will happen with this book. I'm not entirely sure of the Release Date, but I know it will be at the End of December/Beginning of January!!!!!! Fucking Soon man! So this is a picture of ME holding the book sideways (top) and the other is a picture of me holding the book right side up but, I had to hold my hand over the sexiest part of the Fucking Picture, Because my dumb ass put an ex (who I am on very bad terms with) on the cover of my book. THEN I realized she could sue the shit out of me. OK I know what you are thinking, NO I'm not that dumb, I thought about her suing me before, but but but I could also get her back by selling the Hottest Sex Tape EVER made! Ha Man oh Man, then I wouldn't have to worry about life, and living expenses ever again! Plus it is only part of her face, not the whole thing SO yeah, In my mind she couldn't be properly identified and the picture IS My Property, so I made some damn test books anyway. When the NEW COVER ones get here I'll be sure to post them. ANYWAY back to real life, Jenn and I are starting some test stuff out. I have a whole room dedicated to cutting hair and doing make up. I know CHEESE!, But I actually Like Doing It. So there! I finally know what I'm going to be doing for the next like couple of years. I have to pay off Debt (shitty) for a while. Then I'm going to go to Vidal Sassoon!!! After that Jenn and I plan on opening SOME SORT of business (be it a franchise, a Salon, or VEGAN ON THE GO!) Like I said I actually love love love doing hair, but Vegan on the Go would be Fucking Awesome!!! Think about it! A Vegan Drive Through!!! Yessss! OK Now, I am a little delirious from not sleeping, but it's packing up and moving shit time! We have to stay up All Night, so there is going to be a lot a coffee' uh brewing. Jenn can make the best damn coffee on the planet. I love her so much just for little things like that. She is amazing at whatever she does, even if she does it the wrong way. Aw yes, The Married Life is Good. Don't let people try to tell you it's not, because it so is. Thus far in my lifetime OUR WEDDING has been the Happiest day of MY LIFE!!!!! I LOVE YOU, JENN SHAGRIN, SO MUCH! OK, enough lovey dovey stuff. I guess I better start packing boxes, today is the big day (that I drive my car by myself from the Valley)[shitty] . . . morning is starting. I'm a Happy Camper and I hope that everyone who reads this has a good day As Well! Love, Jane

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